Tuesday, April 21, 2009

yeah, i'm lvl 71 :)

so, i made quests in H Fjords and B Tundra... everything went ok, even the thing that every horde wants to see if they can kill a multiboxer...

my first AV battleground at lvl 70, duuuuuudes this is so coool!!!! it's very funny to take down 2-3 enemies with only one chain light :)

now the thing that didn't worked:
i tryed to do Nexus and UK, Nexus was terrible no chance.... UK was better, I cleared the room with big dragons then i wiped very bad at first boss...

Right now all my shammyes are dps, and i play like this: 1,2 or 3 damage spells then a chain heal with all my toons...

I really have to change something, and i don't know exactly what. Make one a healer? and break my fingers while i try to find the healing buttons on my keyboard.... change the macros to use my spells better or the last and the safe way to kick a shaman from group and add my lvl 80 tank warrior...

Give me some advices, if you have. Thanks!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Ok guys so the trick for doing instances with 5x shamans is Earth Elemental Totem that you will get at lvl 66. Actually is really cool because you have 5 mini tanks that don't need heal, so the rest of the group is dps... 5dpss, it was quick.

yep, yep, I made AC and MT and I'm so glad :D

Sunday, April 5, 2009

So, after i hit lvl 60 with the shammys that you saw in a screenshot. because 2 of them was linked (the zebra mount promotiion) to first of them... i got another lvl 60 shammy. so till now i have 4.

before this shammy group i leveled a mixed one to lvl 60... and it has shammy, pala, lock, druid and priest. you got the poin another shammy.....

so my group right now is 5x shammy moved on diferent accounts. first when i got to outland i made some quests to gear up with BC greens and i went to Ramparts. it was really cool till first boss. total disaster... no chance. i saw some guys that are doing instances with shammys and i think i miss something.

if you have any ideea how to do instances with 5 x sham, please leave me a comment, would be very helpfull.

right now i made quests and i hit lvl 65.... pvp is really cool 1 shot 1 kill...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Quick update: it took me only 2 BRDs to take my shammys up to 45.. no I go to Scholo.

Scholo is really nice for boosting because it has many big rooms full with cloth mobs groups... for example: I pull the entire first room (around 40 mobs) and i get 30k xp on each shammy :)

Update: 5 Scholo and i hit lvl 50.

Update: Scholo, Scholo, Scholo... and i got lvl 55. Now i go to ramparts.

Update: i just made 5 Ramaparts and i hit lvl 60, huh.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

today i made a lot of SM Caths.. close to 20, so my grop is lvl 40 now :)

PVP Team

i use my main, lvl 80 tank warrior to boost my new toons thru instances.

this is how i got lvl 23 after few hours.
- fast questing with 3 x xp bonus till lvl 10
- 3 Dead Mines till lvl 15
- 4-5 Stormwind Stockades till lvl 20
- 3 SM Cathedral

Wednesday, March 25, 2009